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"Pinnacle Treatment Centers' experience with you over multiple engagements confirms the fact that Acquisitions International got it right."

― Ken Kessler, MD, CEO
Pinnacle Treatment Centers

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Kalandavis, LLC. Since 2001, we have offered comprehensive services to hospitals and health care systems; psychiatric and social services; legal, banking, and investment firms.

Kalandavis brings together experienced specialists. Our professionals direct finance and billing operations, lecture and publish on compliance and regulatory issues, negotiate joint-venture agreements, conduct due diligence, and so much more.

We are uniquely qualified in behavioral health. We recognize that behavioral health challenges require specific knowledge and experience. Our seasoned professionals know what works -- and what doesn’t -- because they have successfully met the challenges.

We know the importance of managing complex relationships. We work with boards, investors, bankers, creditors, attorneys, bondholders, funders, regulators, and providers of all types.


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